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SERVICES (see detail below)

All the services are available in the Greater Portland Area unless specified below.

  • Weekly Household Trash Removal (Cape Elizabeth)
  • Free Recycling Services (Cape Elizabeth)
  • Bulky Waste Disposal Service
  • Free Freon Removal and Disposal (LIMITED-TIME)
  • Tree Care Service
  • Lawn Mowing Services (South Portland, Cape Elizabeth)
  • Landscape Cleanups Fall/Spring
  • Landscaping Design/ Installation
  • Moving and Delivery Services
  • Support Local Services
  • Specialty in Delivery Services
  • Donation Service
  • Winter Snow Removal Service (South Portland, Cape Elizabeth)


Your personal weekly trash removal service by Swartz Enterprises began in APRIL 2010. What we will do for you is remove your household waste and deliver it to the transfer station and the Ecomaine trash-to-energy plant. 

If you have more than three 40 gallon barrels filled or large items, please call ahead so I can serve you properly. We remove limited amounts of other categories of waste with this service at no extra charge, such as lawn trimmings, wood waste, but for non-recyclables and hazardous materials, appropriate charges may apply.

The charges for service are low when you compare the cost of your time when taking it yourself. Billing options include every two months, every six months, or every twelve months. Pay in person by cash, or by mail with a check, or Venmo. Call for our current rates.


  • When you don't have any other errands you might want to save the fuel it takes to take trash and recyclables to the transfer station yourself.
  • Dislike the way your small vehicle smells after trucking in the household waste? Let me take the smell away. Like going to the swap shop? No problem- as a Cape resident, you can still go even if you don't bring the trash.
  • As a thrifty person, you save by setting better priorities for your time and fuel costs. As a busy person, you know your own time is valuable. Hiring me is smart-- it frees your time to focus on more important matters. You'll have more time to share a cup of coffee with a neighbor.
  • Make a connection to your neighbor - Talk to your neighbor. Discover what makes them unique, and also discover what you have in common with them. The more you learn, the more you share, the more we all grow.
  • Save money by making that connection -I save you time by taking your trash, and when you use that time to connect to a neighbor, you are benefiting three people- you, your neighbor, and me.
  • I will attempt to fit your busy schedule by picking up the trash at a convenient time, such as first thing Monday morning in most instances. 


I hope you share my passion for the environment. It's easily adopted by all ages. I care about my world. If you get to know me, you'll see I want the best for you, too. I don't want to treat the earth as my trash receptacle, although getting rid of trash is a necessary step. I want to nurture the earth like a tree. As you learn more of what can be recycled, and respond with actions, you will reduce your real costs in the long run. The more you recycle, the less new things cost.


This service assumes you will bag all trash and separate recyclables. So of course, when you hire me for trash removal services this includes free recycling. When you separate your recyclables for me, please keep the bags open as this assists me in sorting. If you consistently recycle it saves you money in the long run.

  • We expect trash that has the recyclables separated. It's highly recommended. We expect the cardboard that you give me as recycling is flattened. I'm sure you don't want to pay extra for larger size disposal of anything that is shipping-related materials but styrofoam costs to dispose of as much as bubble packaging.
  • For the good of the earth, PLEASE COMPOST
  • For food waste costs to remain low, we recommend having a composter at your home or using a composting service such as "We Compost It" or "Garbage to Garden". Swartz Enterprises can provide a container for collection in your home if you are interested in beginning this important eco-friendly step towards waste management.


For Weekly Household Trash service, call 809-9735 for more information or fill out the online form here to contact us.


For the Greater Portland Area, if you want a one-time pickup, call me. I come to your house and you don't have to handle anything, just show me what needs to go. I load the items and remove them for you. Our typical base charge for Bulky Waste Disposal service is $100 which includes UP TO TEN CUBIC YARDS of any type of waste. This is the lowest rate around, and you can check our competitor's rates and prove me right! You might have seen my advertisement in the South Portland/ Cape Elizabeth Sentry for the Basement, Attic, Garage, Yard, Apartment Clean-out Special. This special applies to the following areas in Southern Maine-

  • For the towns of Baldwin, Bridgton, Cape Elizabeth, Casco, Cumberland, Falmouth, and Freeport. For Gorham, Gray, Harrison, Hiram, Hollis, Limington, and Lyman. For Naples, North Yarmouth, Ogunquit, Parsonsfield, Porter, Portland, Pownal, and Saco. For Scarborough, South Portland, Standish, Waterboro, Windham, and Yarmouth.
  • For zip codes 04009, 04107,04015, 04021, 04110, 04105, 04032, 04038, 04039, 04040, 04041, 04049, 04005, 04055, 04090, 04097, 03907, 04047, 04068, 04101, 04102, 04103, 04104, 04112, 04069, 04072, 04074, 04106, 04084, 04087, 04062, 04096.
  • Please be aware, if the items you discard are specifically charged at the disposal sites we use, we have to pass on the charges to you- see the list.
  • Items containing freon -Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers ($25), 
  • Electronic Waste -Photocopiers, Console TVs (consoles and flat screen),

    Microwaves, UPS batteries, Laptops, Mobile Devices,  Monitors, Printers, Handheld devices - ($10 per item plus standard tonnage fee)

  • Appliances - Washing machines, Dryers, Stoves, Dishwashers, Hot water heaters $10 per item (plus the standard tonnage


  • Mercury-containing Lighting - Fluorescent Tubes, Compact Fluorescent Lights $5 per tube (plus standard tonnage fee)

  • Mattresses -No matter what size -$10 per mattress (plus standard

    tonnage fee)

  • Propane Tanks ($5), All Tires ($5), Paint ($5) per Gallon.
  • Here is the POLICY for your group of towns here as listed on the website for, a local trash-to-energy plant, for extra charges on selected items. For instance, universal waste and household hazardous waste such as pressure-treated wood, concrete, hazardous liquids such as waste oil, oil-based or acrylic paint, automotive fluids, batteries of any kind. The good news is we will handle it for you.


For Bulky Waste Disposal service, call 809-9735 for more information or fill out the online form here to contact us.


(Offered for a limited time)

For Cape Elizabeth, Maine for my existing customers. (Starting April 8 in honor of Earth Day 2013) Yes, it's true, free freon appliance pickup, disposal from Swartz Enterprises. Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, anything with freon, working or not. Call my cell, comment here, like us on Facebook, like this post, and send an email. For more information on this service contact me directly. Special Rate applies only when you schedule and pay for one hour of other services by Swartz Enterprises, required at the time of pickup. You can search this site to find the specific service you want me to perform, and choose from any appropriate seasonal service.

Tree Trimming Service  We are experienced at handling smaller trees, ones 30 feet tall or shorter. We can trim near power lines, near structures, near fences and near other landscaping with complete confidence in our abilities to achieve success at clearing away unwanted branches or entire trees if needed. Although we do not offer stump grinding we can remove the grindings and add topsoil,  replanting grass or other shrubs or trees in its place.


We are looking for small lawns to mow in this area, and we want your business. Call us for a competitive quote on mowing, arranged on your schedule and billed monthly.


For the Greater Portland Area, if you want a one-time pickup, our typical base charge for Seasonal Cleanup service is $100 which includes UP TO TEN CUBIC YARDS of landscape yard waste, brush, leaves, mulch, or flower bed cleanup. This is the lowest rate around, and you can check our competitor's rates and prove me right!

For landscaping cleanup services, we will rake the lawn, remove brush, leaves, and blown debris, work for your mulch beds and pull unwanted plants for up to two hours. Large items such as entire trees are an additional disposal charge.


We are experienced in beautifying your home through landscaping.

We install retaining walls, step terraces, paver pathways, brick sidewalks, and shape your property for drainage in all sorts of conditions. We add raised beds to your property and fill them with plants, advising on care and maintenance. Also, see the photos here which show an example of the kind of work we've done. We want your business. Call us for a competitive quote on all types of landscaping.

We demolish small structures such as garages, and parts of the home, such as decks, porches, and play structures. We remove your broken screens, add an improved, new system like Screen Tight, and repair any screen mesh.

We add value to your home by painting. We welcome the challenges of stairways and raised ceilings. Here the carpet was already installed, and the customer wanted multiple colors on walls, including the dormers with several wall colors on them. No problem for Swartz Enterprises.


-We are experienced movers. We have moved our customers' belongings as far away as 125 miles from our home base, Cape Elizabeth, Maine. We use trailers when needed, to transport locally any one item or entire household contents to the location of your choice.

-We transport the items using the large pickup truck.  We own a trailer also with a 5-yard capacity.

-If needed a second or third member of my team will assist with large items such as refrigerators or large furniture. We utilize dollies, moving blankets, tarps, ropes, and straps to handle your load.

-We have experience in moving safely any number of items that you purchase from a store that doesn't deliver, or from one property to another.


We are based in South Portland, Maine. We are a member of South Portland Buy Local which can be reached at this link We support local retail appliance, hardware, landscape, paint and lumber stores to find the best ways of purchasing your needs. Our coverage area includes Cumberland and York counties.


New service started October 2011- Because we support the vision of Habitat for Humanity in reducing the cost of new homes for worthy individuals, we've looked for ongoing ways to further that vision. We've volunteered at several work sites for this organization, and when we realized that they sell items to help to fund, we personally donated items for resale. We recommend that you do the same. Greater Portland Habitat for Humanity ReStore has a website here- ReStore (click on the link for more information).

  • When we found that they had a pickup and delivery service for the donations we thought that was great. When they occasionally can't PICKUP or deliver because of whatever reason, we thought that was a good fit for us and offered to do it for them. We arranged through the local store to pick up items purchased there and DELIVER PURCHASES for you. A small cost is to be expected if the service is needed beyond the Greater Portland area.
  • Also, we can arrange with you to PICK UP DONATIONS when you want to donate items to the ReStore and will obtain receipts for you if wanted


  • In disposing of your discards, occasionally we accept items of value and deliver them to the appropriate places listed here and will obtain receipts for you if wanted. So we make donations to Salvation Army, Goodwill, and Habitat for Humanity's ReStore. We Support Freecycle. We are beginning to work with Hour Exchange Portland. Ask these organizations how you can make a difference by volunteering.


  • For the areas of Cape Elizabeth and South Portland, Maine only, we provide winter services such as driveway snow blowing, roof raking, walk shoveling, and soon to come, snowplowing.
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